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Chlorine as a water disinfectant

Chlorine, used on its own or in the form of sodium hypochlorite, is the most used water disinfectant in the world because of its effectiveness, low cost and easy use.

When added to water, it rapidly destroys bacteria and any other microbes the water may contain, making it safe to drink and ridding it of bad taste and smell. Most of Western Europe’s drinking water supply depends on chlorination.

Cloro como desinfectante

The use of sodium hypochlorite in swimming pools is essential to prevent the proliferation of algae and fungi, eliminate pathogenic organisms and ensure optimum hygienic conditions.

Chlorine is effective in the fight against all kinds of microbes in water –bacteria, virus, fungus and yeast- and the algae and mud, which spread inside the pipes and the storage tanks.

Only chlorination guarantees that water already treated stays germ-free right up to the tap.

Incidence of the most devastating infectious diseases –cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, etc.– has decreased substantially since chlorine has been widely used to disinfect water.