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Identification and activity of the company

The owner and company in charge of the domain is Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica, located in Paseo de Recoletos 27, 29004 Madrid (Spain). N.I.F. (Fiscal Identification Number) is: G78335585.

The record of the constitution and the bylaws of the Association were settled in the Subdirección General de Mediación, Arbitraje y Conciliación on September 13th, 1997 and were published in the BOE number 225 published on September 20th, 1997. The number of process of the Association mentioned above is 692.

The Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica contact details are: phone number (+34) 91 585 37 71– e-mail: [email protected]

Description of

The main service that is offered in the domain is information about the products and activities of the Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica company. News and information about stock market and economic activity are also offered.

Terms and conditions of the services provided by Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica

The services provided by Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica through are free of charge and freely revocable, without this affecting the rest of website disclaimer.

Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica assumes no responsibility for any misuse of the contents of the website and reserves its right to update, restrictorf delete them temporarily or indefinitely at any time. Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica will inform the users, whenever foreseeable, of any interruption of service that could stem from the updating, improvement or maintenance of the services, or due to alien causes.

Rights and obligations of the users

The user obliges himself/hersel, and is the sole responsible in this respect, to use the services offered by Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica in accordance with laws, the general conditions herein and any update of these conditions, following the norms of good faith, moral and public order generally accepted.

The user will have no right whatsoever to be indemnified in any way (directly or indirectly) for temporary or complete interruptions of the services offered, regardless of them being due tothe company or alien causes.

Intellectual property

All contents in, texts, source code, graphic design, animations and images, as well as trademarks, commercial names and other denominations are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica or of third parties and are protected by law.

Under no circumstance, does the access to the services of Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica imply the renounce, transmission, transfer or partial or total license of such contents to third parties, nor does it grant any right of use, translation, modification, adaptation, exploiting, copy, distribution or public communication of them without the previous and explicit authorisation by Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica or of a third owner of the affected rights. In no case is the total or partial reproduction of the data and contents to which access is granted in authorised (and it will be prosecuted). Their use against present legislation of industrial and intellectual property is neither authorised.


Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the information contained in web pages of third parties that include a link to Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica does not assume either the responsibility for the content of the web pages that are visited through the links included in The links in that point to third parties’ web pages are included just for the sake of information and in no case imply any kind of recommendation on such pages.

Any user that wishes to include in his/her web page a link to the domain or to any of its pages, will have to previously notify it to Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica

The inclusion of contents or providing services in their parties’ websites that could mean a damage to the Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica image is strictly prohibited.

Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica reserves its unilateral right to prohibit, limit or require the cancellation of links that point to the domain, whenever the company deems it convenient, through simple communication to the owner of the web page. This right will in no case entitle the third party to any kind of compensation.


The date of the last update of the contents in can be requested by the user by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica can modify or update this website disclaimer, that will be published in, with no need whatsoever of any other kind of additional notification to the users of the web page.