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Euro Chlor Information sheets

These sheets document in very accessible language subjects we often need to explain to legislators, journalists, teachers etc.

You can download the PDF-files, enabling you to print them yourself, depending on your needs. Member companies can distribute them among their audiences and personnel, teachers can use them in classrooms, and students learn more about chlorine chemistry in these Sheets.

You can find the PDF documents below.

  • The amazing chlorine universe – How chlorine contributes to innovative and sustainable solutions in many areas of modern society
  • Chlorine Tree – An overview of production sites, used technologies and installed capacities
  • Chlorine production in Europe – An overview of production sites, used technologies and installed capacities
  • Caustic Soda – A major building block in many industrial processes – To be treated professionally
  • PCB Oils – How and why was this interesting industrial oil banned from its uses?
  • DDT and malaria – From miracle product to banned substance, but still necessary
  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) – A versatile and safe material for the modern world
  • Dioxin – Widespread pollutants, never made intentionally by men
  • From mercury to membrane – The conversion of mercury to membrane production technology, key considerations and progress
  • All about PER … in a nutshell – The substance perchloroethylene (PER) has been THE dry-cleaning solvent in Europe for more than 70 years.